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Security Cameras:

CCTV can perform just in addition to other security products, with a large quantity of other advantages also. Security products like alarms are supposed to behave in exactly the same manner, yet many houses with alarms installed fail to discourage burglars, even by seeing the alarm panel to the very front of the building. Burglars are increasingly becoming attentive to the shortage of alarms really used in houses, and with research revealing that 56% of burglaries occur during the night time, and in 57% of instances with men and women in the house, it is highly improbable the alarm would be activated anyhow. Additionally if there are occupants in the house, burglar can normally get in and outside before the homeowner has an opportunity to do anything about it.

In the cases where doors aren’t locked or alarms aren’t set, this could generally make home insurance policies invalid, meaning they wouldn’t be covered for the loss of their things.

Secret Cameras:

Secret cameras could be utilized to keep a watchful attention on a relative who’s disabled or housebound in addition to checking on their carers or alternative house visitors while you aren’t there. This may allow you to really go to work or go shopping while assessing your CCTV pictures from your smartphone. It may be a great relief to lead a semi-regular life together with the assurance you may react immediately if there’s an issue.

Spy Cameras:

Spy cameras are used increasingly more now in domestic scenarios. Cameras as little as pinholes may be installed which can record premium quality pictures — perfect for secret hidden camera surveillance. There are a number of miniature wireless security cameras accessible, great for tracking your cleanser, the children or your partner.

Care of your system…

Even the very best system installed eventually needs care. We’re specialists in the care of CCTV, Access Control, and Door Entrance systems throughout Kent.

As an example, with a CCTV system, cameras will need cleaning & refocusing. The DVR (Digital Video Recorder) will want cleaning out and maybe cooling fans replaced (It actually is surprising how much dust can collect inside a instance causing overheating)

An Access Control or Door Entrance system will need care like cleaning, adjustment, software updates etc… The list continues.

But, above all, a maintenance agreement in your system provides you with the peace of mind, understanding your system will probably be looked after. We do, obviously, issue a complete Components & Labour Guarantee with each new system installed but it’s astonishing how fast the very first year passes.

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We provide three choices: GOLD, SILVER & BRONZE

Gold Care:

  • 2 x Care visits per year
  • All Call Outs contained
  • All Parts contained
  • Engineer’s availability

Silver Care:

  • 1 x Care visit per year
  • 1 Crisis Call Out in a year
  • Call Out Reduction – 25%
  • Components reduction – 25%
  • Engineer’s availability

Bronze Care:

  • 1 x Care visit per year
  • Technical help support
  • Call Out Reduction – 25%
  • Components reduction – 25%
  • Engineer’s availability
  • Payment by invoice

We may also troubleshoot your existing system, if needed. We may then supply you with a citation for absolutely any new parts needed or even a whole new system.

All these are specially designed for 24/7 service, not the typical PC hard drives most businesses use.

We’ve installed a lot of the LJD Leviathan Digital Video Recorders. Although they may be really a robust and dependable merchandise, things can fail.

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