Our team of CCTV experts have experience of installing and maintaining CCTV in a wide range of settings, from residential to large commercial premises. We offer a variety of CCTV camera packages, designed to suit all requirements and budgets.

If you want to secure your home against thieves, burglars and vandals, our specialist advisors will be delighted to help you with all your CCTV needs

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Producing the challenging climate in your mind, it is very important to building and electrical contractors to maximise their possible gains. Luckily, CCTV installer can help by supplying a cost effective, tailored security solution whilst managing the entire security part of your job for you on your own behalf.

Security problems ought to be contemplated as soon as possible

With all the other issues that building and electrical contractors must take into account when taking on a brand new construction job, it may be all too simple to enable the setup of security measures to be left to the final minute. By addressing the problem early on in the design procedure, you can be sure the security options you choose are essential to the entire job as opposed to merely an afterthought.

  • Cost effective, tailored security options.
  • Gear, setup and labour sourced in house.
  • End within submitted timescales.
  • One point of contact for many of your security needs.

We provide options tailored especially for the building sector, which means that you could be certain your job has the safest potential bases. Among the greatest issues when selecting an external company to provide security measures for a building development is the danger of delay to the job, possibly leading you to incur added costs offering end within submitted timescales. We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround.

Design a security option is a significant job. When selecting CCTV installer as the one security supplier for your project, we’ll give you one point of contact for all your demands. Ourselves can give you all of the info needed in electronic format and may deliver quantified schematics

Predicated in your bid demands. With our supporting team of estimators, it is also possible to make sure that our contract bids are totally compliant, regardless of what the size of the job.

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CCTV installer 24 Hour Alarm Receiving Centre

Conveyed Intruder Alarm Systems

Besides the fundamental ‘bells only’ alarm system we also provide, install and keep three kinds of ‘conveyed’ intruder alarm system. A conveyed alarm system can alert the owner, key holder or a 24 Alarm Receiving Centre of an alarm activation in the premises.

CCTV & Monitoring


Intruder alarm double-signalling devices for commercial and domestic premises

DualCom ensures that Intruder Alarm Systems possess the greatest possible opportunity of obtaining a sign from the secure premises to the Alarm Receiving Centre. A double signalling apparatus helps to differentiate real from false alarms and may thus prevent your Police response time from dropping to a lower degree or being removed.

Perceptible Speech Dialler:

A address dialler can be a standalone apparatus attached to a burglar alarm or may be in assembled in the alarm control panel. Address diallers don’t get the burglar alarm qualify for police answer.

The ARC tracks the alarm twenty-four hours a day / 365 days of the year. In case of an alarm activation the ARC alerts the key holders and or the Authorities as essential. Tracked alarms incur a little monthly or yearly service charge as well as the setup expenses of the alarm.

BT Red Care gives a secure telephone connection to the ARC with a committed GSM radio back-up. In case of the telephone line being cut Redcare continues to track the alarm by radio. If line is cut the Alarm Receiving Station is notified promptly as well as the GSM Radio proceeds to convey together with the ARC. Redcare is the most secure kind of alarm system and may be utilized for tracking CCTV, Fire Detection systems and Intruder Alarms