Hikvision Colorvu cameras

Hikvision colorvu

At 123cctv.co.uk we install the latest in Hikvision Colorvu CCTV Camera security and one of the best CCTV Cameras is the Hikvision Colorvu range. Hikvision ColorVu is perfect for both home and business CCTV camera systems.

Hikvision Colorvu

Colourvu Hikvision Cameras

Resolution up to 4K Cameras that support Hikvision ColorVu produce vibrant colour photos in low light, even at 0.0005 lux, which is the same brightness as a moonless, starry night. It is possible for ambient light to be intensified even at low levels thanks to two cutting-edge features:

By adjusting the camera’s focal length, varifocal cameras may adapt to a wider range of situations, simplifying inventory management. The varifocal cameras from Hikvision with ColorVu have a fixed F1.0 big aperture. The brightness of your camera’s images will be ensured whether it is zooming in or out.

These cameras capture human and vehicle targets with brilliant colour by fusing Hikvision ColorVu technology with AcuSense. Users who are connected to Hikvision’s back-end products will benefit from thorough video playback and quick footage searches.

Hikvision Colorvu Cameras

Models with Live Guard discourage intruders with on-site visual and aural alerts while also providing notifications to users. They respond to invasions during occurrences right away to stop loss and offer recorded post-event proof. Additionally, the audio alerts can be tailored in a number of languages for a variety of situations.

Please take a moment to view this quick comparative video to get a feel for the ColorVu camera’s 24-hour operation. Classification of people and vehicles using Hikvision ColorVu technology can also include other amazing features. It works with Live Guard and AcuSense technology.

Hikvision Colourvu at night security cameras

AcuSense + Live Guard offers users highly accurate real-time alarms with light and sound alerts. Less upsetting but active deterrence, user preference targets to stop the intrusion. To obtain the performance, the Turbo series needs a DVR with AcuSense and Turbo cameras with Live Guard and Hikvision ColorVu.

Pioneering Vari-Focal Camera with ColorVu from Hikvision When zooming in or out, the sophisticated sensor on the varifocal camera with ColorVu has a fixed F1.0 aperture. The customer benefits from simpler installation and F1.0 at all focal lengths with continuously coloured images. Contact us for a free Hikvision colourvu installation quote.

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